Recipe for Daddy/Mommy to Make!

A super special treat that my Daddy makes me when I’ve been an extra good girl (i.e. gotten a good exam score, done lots of cleaning) or when I’m feeling down.

They take about ten minutes to make so it’s super quick and clean up is easy.

Chocolate Shakes!

For this you will need a blender!


  • Chocolate ice cream (any brand is fine really, I prefer just plain chocolate but you can experiment with different flavors or ones that have special add-ins)
  • Milk
  • Caramel or Chocolate Syrup (or both!)


  • Fill blender about halfway full with chocolate ice cream (it helps if the pieces are small, it mixes better)
  • Fill about one-fourth of the way will milk (more for runny milkshakes and less for thick ones)
  • Add syrups
  • Use a low setting to get it going and then do a high speed.
  • Be sure to keep a close eye on it! That’s usually why this is a good recipes for Daddy/Mommy to do
  • When proper consistency is reached, pour into a cup!

You can even get more creative and add more syrup or sprinkles or whatever your caretaker allows :D

Helpful Hint: If your milkshake is still a little too thick when you pour it in the cup, it helps to stir it a couple times with a spoon!


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