Little High Tea!

I know a lot of littles who like tea parties. Well High Tea is like a tea party but even more awesome. Have High Tea with other little friends, your caregiver or your stuffies!

Here’s what you need:

  • A couple of tea pots and cups for everyone (having multiple tea pots means more than one type of tea!)
  • Plates for treats
  • Sweets and savory treats
  • Decorations (optional, you can use a pretty tea cloth, have a colour theme, balloons, whatever you want)
  • 3 tiered cake stand (optional)

Traditionally High Tea mixes sweet and savory foods. The treats are served on a 3 tiered cake stand but you don’t need to have one of those, just serve the different foods any way you want!

First tier: Scones. Have whipped cream and jam to serve with these. Here’s a couple of scone recipes.
Basic scones 
Lemon scones

Second tier: Sandwiches. Traditional sandwiches are watercress and cucumber but you can make whatever you want! Cut off the crusts for the authentic touch (finally a valid reason for littles to cut off their crusts haha). Here’s some ideas.
High Tea sandwiches
More sandwiches 

Third tier: Sweets. Now we get to the best part. You can have whatever sweets you want on here, the rule is though that they’re small enough to be a few mouthfuls and they’re easy to eat. You can have mini cupcakes, tartlets, lamingtons. Go nuts! Here’s some suggestions.
Pecan tartlets

Hope this helps put together a lovely little High Tea. Enjoy!

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